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  In addition to standard round and tube jig head styles, we now offer many custom items.  Most jig heads are made with bismuth-tin alloys that weighs about 80% as much as lead with the exception of some designs that are better suited to lighter pure tin.  Due to the high price of lead free metals our stock items are limited to 1/4 oz. and under, but heavier castings are available by request. New for 2008 - custom Hookup Heads, Gamakatsu hook choices, 2x strong salmon steelhead ball heads, and plain ball jig fly heads. If you don't see what you want on this website contact us .

1/32 Round Jig Heads
Small jigheads are useful when targeting trout & panfish that prefer small baits. These barb collar versions can attach fuller bodied 1" to 2" soft plastic baits like grubs. Premium Mustad Ultra Point #6 and #4 hooks.

1/16 Round Jig Heads
The 1/16 size handles well with 4-6# test mono. With a #4 hook a good fit for 2" baits and with a larger #2 hook 3" baits. Premium Mustad Ultra Point red hooks.

1/8 Round Jig Heads
The 1/8 size will handle well with 4-8# test mono. Useful when you need a farther cast or quicker sink than a lighter jig head. The #1 hook will fit 3" baits well and the #1/0 hook 4" baits. Premium Mustad Ultra Point red hooks.

1/4 Round Jig Heads
These heavier weight heads offer more control when dealing with current, wind, or deeper presentations. Choice of standard size Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 red or oversize Matzuo Sickle 4/0 red hooks.

Round Heads - Oversize Ultra Points
Oversize hooks 1/16 1/0 and 1/8 2/0 are useful for presenting larger soft plastic baits without increasing the jig head weight. Use these for 4" or longer baits. The 1/16 size can also be used inside 2-1/2" or larger tube baits. Premium Mustad Ultra Point red hooks.

Round Heads - Oversize Sickles
Want even bigger hooks on your light heads? Not only are these red Matzuo Sickle hooks over size but they have a wider gap than round bends. If you think that hooks can never be too sharp try these. Choose from 1/16-2/0 or 1/8-3/0.

Round Heads - Standard Size Gamakatsu
NEW! For anglers that demand top of the line hook strength and sharpness, we offer conventional 1/16 - #2 and 1/8 - #1/0 configurations. Heavy wire Gami black nickel 604 hooks are sized a bit smaller than same # other hook brands. Forged for extra strength.

Round Heads - Oversize Gamakatsu
NEW! Larger Gami 604 hooks for larger baits and mouths in 1/8 - 3/0 and 1/4 - 4/0 sizes. Black nickel finish suitable for fresh or salt water applications. Legendary Gami point sharpness and XS forged heavy wire.

Salmon Steelhead Ball Heads - Gamakatsu 2x Strong
NEW! The new black nickel Gamakatsu 2x is the strongest and sharpest jig hook made in its sizes.  Available in salmon-steelhead jig head configurations 1/16 #1 and 1/8 #1/0. Listed in the "Gamakatsu RHs" ordering section.

Salmon Steelhead Ball Heads - Mustad 2x Strong
NEW! Gamakatsu doesn't offer small size 2x hooks but these premium Ultra Point 2x black nickel hooks are sturdy and sharp in size #6 and #4 1/32 ball heads. Listed in the "Plain Ball Heads" ordering section.

Plain Ball Jig Heads
Tools for jig flyers and tiers from 1/64 #10 micros for bluegill to 1/16 1/0 for bass flies. 1/64 & 1/32 sizes cast with bismuth/tin alloy and 1/16 with lighter pure tin for fly weight manageability.

1/32 Tube Jig Heads
Small tube baits are often the best choice for targeting panfish and trout. The 1/32 #6 hook size will fit tiny 1" tubes and the larger #4 hook will fit 1-1/2" tubes. Mustad Ultra Point red hooks.

1/16 Tube Jig Heads
The versatile 1/16 tube jig head will handle well with 2 - 6 lb. test mono. With #4 hook a good fit inside 1-1/2" tube baits and #2 will better fit 2" tubes. Premium Mustad Ultra Point red hooks.

1/8 Tube Jig Heads
These jig heads are designed to fit inside larger tube baits. The 1/8 #2/0 Mustad Ultra Point red hook is a good fit for 2-1/2" to 3" tubes and the 1/8 #4/0 Ultra Point long shank black nickel hook fits 3" and larger  tubes.

1/4 Tube Jig Heads
Heavier 1/4 tube jig heads are useful for heavier line, more casting distance, or deeper water. Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 red hooks a good fit for 2-1/2"  to 3" tube baits and Ultra Point long shank black nickel 4/0 hooks will fit 3" and larger tubes.

1/16 & 1/8 Spoon Jig Heads
The flat thin body of this jig head style allows for a slower fall and retrieve. The hook point will tend to remain upright even if sitting on the bottom. Cast in lighter weight pure tin to accentuate these qualities. 1/8-#1/0  and 1/16-#2 Mustad Ultra Point red hooks.

Custom 1/16 Nail Head
This custom light weight big hook head is about angler control. Bury the head entirely in plastic or securely anchor just the front and Tex hook it. The neutral weight distribution allows a range of bait movement from horizontal dead fall to extreme jerk darts. Particularly well suited for stick type baits. Exceptionally sharp and strong Mustad Ultra Point 4/0 black nickel long shank hooks.

Custom Hookup Heads

NEW! Some features of this design are a flat weighted belly to help keep hook point upright even when sitting on the bottom, and a forward eye angled front entry to help ride over snags. Available in 1/8 - 2/0, 1/8 - 4/0, 1/6 - 4/0, and 1/4 - 4/0 sizes with Mustad Ultra Point BLN regular wire hooks.

Swivel Dropshot Sinkers
This efficient bottom heavy design casts and sinks well. Special black line pinch swivels are smooth spinning on both ends of the barrel. They are designed for quick attachment, weight changes, and position adjustments without tying and can slide free of line when snagged.

Tin Split Shot Sinkers
These lead free split shots weigh about 2/3 as much as lead and have a low visibility dark finish. Larger AAA and smaller #1 sizes are shown next to a real BB shot for size comparison. Soft enough to be attached and removed by nimble fingers.

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